Monument Lake Resort is a Trinidad City Park run as a franchise. The Resort is maybe three miles north of Stonewall and about 2 miles south of North Lake on State Highway 12. Most of the buildings were built in the 1930's as a WPA project. Besides the office, motel, cabins, restaurant, lounge, store-on-the-shore, and bathhouse, there are numerous RV, camp trailer and tent sites scattered around the south side of the lake.

Monument Lake Resort seems to generally be open from May to October. There've been 2 Stonewall Fall Festivals now (by spring, 2007) held at Monument Lake Resort in late September/early October. The first one was a gorgeous sunny day with the leaves just starting to turn. The second, well, the bands were great but they had to be moved under a tarped canopy to escape the intermittent rain and snow. Both days, though, were a good time had by all and I'm looking forward to the third annual. Sometimes there's an ice fishing tournament in the winter (when there's enough ice on the lake). Summertime, though, this park is pretty busy. Lots of weddings, receptions, reunions, and just plain folks escaping the heat of the low country at one of Colorado's best fishing lakes.

Back in the 1930's, Monument Lake was also the site of a major fish hatchery. Work is under way now to bring that business back.

Guest cabins at Monument Lake Park
Some of the guest cabins at Monument Lake Park
Monument Lake Park
The Bathhouse, game room and laundry
Monument Lake Park
Office downstairs, Coyote Lounge upstairs
Monument Lake Park
The "Store on the Shore"
Monument Lake
Looking north across Monument Lake
RV parking area
One of the RV areas
tent camping area
One of the tent camping areas
Monument Lake
Northeast shore of Monument Lake
Monument Lake
Northwest shore of Monument Lake