The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) administers some 8 million-plus acres of public land in Colorado, governed by multi-use principles. Not part of any national forest or park, these federally owned lands offer unlimited recreation opportunities.

The BLM divides Colorado into 11 Extensive Recreation Management Areas (RMAs). Most of these public lands are offered for use by recreationists with few restrictions. A limited number of more heavily used areas are identified by the BLM as Special RMAs (SRMAs). These areas of significant natural or historical resources are managed more intensively for the protection of those resources. Information about a particular SRMA can be obtained by contacting the Extensive RMA in which it falls.

Anasazi SRMA - San Juan RMA - Cortez - 156,000 acres
Representing the northern reach of Anasazi development, this area has important cultural, recreational and wildlife resources. Managed to preserve the area's natural state while allowing visitors to explore. Update: Now known as "Canyons of the Ancients National Monument." Lowry Pueblo.

Arkansas River SRMA - Royal Gorge RMA - Cotopaxi - 80 river miles
The most popular recreational river in Colorado offering kayaking, whitewatr rafting and fishing opportunities in canyon and valley settings. All types of rapids through Class IV. Cooperatively managed with the Colorado Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation as Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area.

Blanca SRMA - San Luis RMA - Alamosa - 7,750 acres
Intensively managed waterfowl production and wildlife habitat. Fishing, hunting and wildlife viewing are offered to the public in the day-use area. Seasonal closure at spring nesting time. Baca National Wildlife Refuge.

Bull Gulch SRMA - Glenwood Springs RMA - 10,000 acres
Upland backcountry with several side canyons along the Colorado River and features an important volcanic intrusion. Float boating, primitive camping, hiking.

Cochetopa Canyon SRMA - Gunnison RMA - 2,500 acres
Cochetopa Canyon offers developed and primitive camping, picnic sites and stream fishing in a steep and scenic valley.

Deep Creek SRMA - Glenwood Springs RMA - 2,400 acres
Sandstone and limestone cliffs in a steep-walled canyon. Hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, wildlife viewing.

Dolores River SRMA - San Juan RMA - Slick Rock - 100 river miles
Wilderness river recreation, everything from quiet river segments to challenging whitewater with lots of opportunity for fishing. River otter and desert bighorn sheep are also seen along the river.

Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area - Grand Junction RMA - Grand Junction
The Big and Little Dominguez Canyons dominate this remote area. Unusual rock formations, hiking trails, trout fishery. Dominguez Canyon Wilderness.

Eagle River SRMA - Glenwood Springs RMA - 34 river miles
The area includes 8 shoreline miles along the east side of the Upper Colorado River in addition to its' 34 miles of the Eagle River. Known for its trout fishing, the area also offers rafting and kayaking with canoeing in the flatwater below the town of Eagle.

Gateway SRMA - Grand Junction RMA - Gateway - 114,500 acres
From redrock and slickrock cliffs to canyons and valleys, this is a varied and very scenic landscape. River runners, OHV use, Palisade Outstanding Natural Area, Sewemup Mesa Wilderness Study Area.

Gold Belt Complex SRMA - Royal Gorge RMA - Canon City - 100,000 acres
With an elevation varying from 5,500 feet to 10,500 feet, this is a large area of forest and canyons. The Gold Belt Tour Back Country Byway traverses the area. Beaver Creek Wilderness Study Area, Garden Park Fossil Area, close to Royal Gorge.

Grand Valley SRMA - Grand Junction RMA - Grand Junction - 150,000 acres
This area of badlands to woodlands land use areas is grouped together as a regional “free zone.” Trails, OHV use.

Gunnison Gorge SRMA - Uncompaghre Basin RMA - Delta - 64,000 acres
Remote backcountry landscape of badlands and canyons. Gold Medal Trout fishery along 14 miles of the primitive Gunnison River segment (no motorized access). Rafting, kayaking, hiking, undeveloped camping. Gunnison Gorge Wilderness

Hack Lake SRMA - Glenwood Springs RMA - 3,100 acres - Eagle
Includes small sinkhole lakes in a karst area. Hiking, primitive camping, trout fishing on 10 acre Hack Lake.

North Sand Hills SRMA - Kremmling RMA - Walden - 700 acres
On the eastern rim of North Park, these are the only active sand dunes in the state where OHV use is permitted. Primitive camping.

Piceance Basin SRMA - White River RMA - Meeker - 268,000 acres
Consists of four separate heavily used big game hunting areas. Part of the largest migratory mule deer herd in North America, elk, mountain lion.

Powderhorn Primitive Area SRMA - Gunnison RMA - Powderhorn - 45,000 acres
One of the largest alpine tundra areas in the contiguous US, and uncommonly “flat.” Three major lakes known for their excellent fishing, 25 miles of hiking and horseback trails, limited hunting, Powderhorn Wilderness.

Rio Grande River SRMA - San Luis RMA - Manassa - 4,400 acres
24 mile segment of the Rio Grande adjoining the New Mexico section of river designated part of the National Wild and Scenic River system. Various types of boating, fishing, San Luis Hills Wilderness Study Area.

Ruby Canyon/Black Ridge SRMA - Grand Junction RMA - Grand Junction - 90,000 acres
This area of canyons and mesas has the largest concentration of natural stone arches in Colorado. Primarily a water recreation area, Ruby Canyon of the Colorado River offers 25 miles of flatwater with canoeing, rafting and kayaking.

San Juan Triangle SRMA - Gunnison RMA - Lake City - 135,000 acres
Former mining district in a rugged volcanic terrain. Deep glaciated valleys with the headwaters of several major rivers. Slumgullion Earthflow, Alpine Loop Back Country Byway, 11 Wilderness Study Areas. Managed to maintain a wide variety of recreational settings and activities.

Thompson Creek SRMA - Glenwood Springs RMA - Carbondale - 4,300 acres
Diverse riparian zone with canyon cliffs and rock outcroppings. Scenic overlooks, camping, hiking, hunting, and wildlife viewing.

Upper Colorado River SRMA - Glenwood Springs/Kremmling RMA - Kremmling - 75 river miles
Second most popular river in Colorado for whitewater rafting and other boating. Class V rapids to Class I flatwater. Fishing, camping, hunting, wildlife viewing.

Upper Yampa River SRMA - Little Snake RMA - Craig - 20,000 acres
53 mile long fast flatwater segment, prime canoeing river. Waterfowl, fishing, hunting, camping.