Weston was the site of much open gambling in the late 1800's, boasting five saloons, several general stores and a jail that was often full. At this time the Jicarilla Apaches were fond of attacking the townsite. On August 25, 1888, the Maxwell Land Grant Company tried to seize Weston and the Wet Canyon area because of its' lumber and the beauty of the countryside. Legend and oral historians have it that Black Jack Ketchum robbed a Wells Fargo coach and deposited his booty somewhere in the hills around town.

These days Weston is a quiet little town with most action centered around Weston Supply and the Post Office right next door. The gas production companies and their service contractors are using a fair bit of town for storage and equipment parking. The old school building houses offices for some of the gas contractors. The road directly north of Weston Supply leads into Wet Canyon and, about 17 miles in, crosses the ridge into Jarosa Canyon and heads east, going through Gulnare and Aguilar to the I-25.

On the east side of town is where the South Fork of the Purgatoire merges with the Purgatoire River main stem. Near that confluence is an entrance to the Bosque del Oso State Wildlife Area, 33,000+ acres of prime wildlife habitat. Just look out for the bears and the fleets of energy company trucks.

Weston, Colorado
Symbols of old wealth, and new
Weston, Colorado
The former Weston schools, now home to 3 different coalbed-methane companies and/or suppliers
Weston, Colorado
Part of the old town of Weston
the view west from Weston, Colorado
The view west from just west of Weston, Colorado