At the edge of the lava fields above Zion National Park

Kolob Reservoir Road is a backway that connects U-9 at Virgin with U-14 about six miles east of Cedar City. The 45-mile route in between is across the center of Zion National Park and offers views into the west side of Zion that can't be gotten anywhere else. The southern stretch of the road is across scenic red rock country. Just beyond the northern boundary of Zion National Park is a dirt road heading south to the Lava Point Campground, a six-site primitive campground on Zion National Park property. Lava Point Overlook also offers views of Zion that can't be gotten anywhere else. North of there, the road continues to cross Kolob Terrace and rises to a high point around 8,000'. Then it passes Kolob Reservoir itself before descending to U-14. From Lava Point on, the views start to disappear as the aspen and evergreen forest of the higher and slightly wetter altitude closes in on the road.

Kolob Reservoir Road is mostly dirt and gravel. It's closed by snowfall in the winter and even a bit of rain can make the road impassable. However, when the weather has been good for awhile, it's not a bad drive in a typical 2WD vehicle.

North of Zion National Park, there are 4WD roads leading east and west that give access to the edges of the BLM wilderness areas that border the north side of Zion.