Mule deer at Blackridge Wilderness

Blackridge Wilderness is a 13,108-acre property extending south from the western edge of Zion National Park in the Kolob Canyons area along the steep escarpment of the Hurricane Fault. Interstate 15 runs rarallel to the western boundary of the wilderness.

Blackridge Wilderness is crossed by two newly-designated Wild & Scenic Rivers: about 1.3 miles of Smith Creek and about 7.6 miles of LaVerkin Creek are on the property. Both streams run most of the year and are lined with lush riparian zones of cottonwoods and willows. The stream channels tend to be narrow with steep sidewalls. A lot of the area is vegetated with sagebrush, Utah juniper and pinyon pine with Ponderosa pines making an appearance in the higher elevations.

The property is not easy to access but if you do get there, you might find mule deer, black bear, mountain lion and elk in the woods. There is also habitat present that bald eagles, Mexican spotted owls and other raptors find attractive.

There are no facilities for humans on the property so all you can enjoy is the primitive stuff: hiking, horseback riding, backpacking, hunting and fishing.