Cottonwood Point Wilderness is composed of 6,860 acres running along the upper reaches of the east and west rims of Cottonwood Canyon, just east of the now-famous Colorado City, Arizona. This is an irregular plateau capped with jagged pinnacles rising above 400' sheer walls of Navajo sandstone separated by deep, narrow canyons, some filled with cottonwoods and willows fed by what passes for water flow around here. Immediately to the north is the 47,170-acre Canaan Mountain Wilderness of Utah. Local wildlife includes mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes and mule deer.

As Cottonwood Point Wilderness is remote and has no trails, there's hardly ever any people out here, even though the countryside is very similar to Zion National Park.

Most folks who do come to Cottonwood Point Wilderness access the property via SR 389, which passes relatively close to the western boundary. Mohave County Road 237 also passes along the eastern and southern edges of the wilderness. One thing to be careful of is there is a lot of private property running to the boundaries of the wilderness in most areas... and folks around Colorado City tend to be very protective of their privacy.

USGS Maps: 7.5 minute: Moccasin, Colorado City