Ashdown Gorge Wilderness occupies about 7,043 acres on the northern and western sides of the Cedar Breaks National Monument southeast of Cedar City, Utah. This is an area of heavily eroded, multi-colored Wasatch limestone interspersed with meadows and forestland. In the northern end of the property is the Twisted Forest, a significant stand of bristlecone pines, many of which were alive at the time of Christ.

Elevations here range from 8,000' to a high near 10,400'. This area can see significant snow in season (Brian Head Ski Resort is just over the other side of an 11,306' hill) and the creeks tend to run all year round.

You'll find mule deer, chipmunks, voles, yellow-bellied marmots, mice and golden-mantled ground squirrels in the woods. That is, if you can get in the woods: there's less than 10 miles of trails in Ashdown Gorge Wilderness. The 5-mile-long Rattlesnake Trail follows Rattlesnake Creek along the northern boundary of Cedar Breaks before running east-west across the wilderness to meet up with the Potato Hollow Trail. The Potato Hollow Trail then runs south for 2.5 miles to a fork: one side goes to the trailhead at the edge of the wilderness, the other side to the Blowhard Trail, climbing Blowhard Mountain (and that's pretty much it for trails in the Ashdown Gorge Wilderness).